Permanent Anti-slip Chemical Treatment

(Not a coating)

The features and benefits are highlighted below:

• Allows water disbursement and prevents hydroplaning
• Lasts as long as the tile does
• It is not a coating that can wear off but a permanent etch into the tile surface
• No down time – Treatment is immediate and lasting
• No need to rip out or replace the existing tiles
• Reduces the risk of injury and costly medical bills caused by slippery tiles
• Reduces the risk of costly insurance claims and lawsuits
• Non toxic as finished treatment is neutral
• Chemicals used are biodegradable and thus environmentally friendly
• Works only on man-made tiles that have a glazed finish e.g. glazed tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles that are slippery when wet.

Before and after

Anti-slip treatment is a permanent treatment for tiles that are slippery when wet. It's not a coating.

The treatment works immediately and the process is irreversible. For this reason we only allow trained professional contractors to do the application.
The contractor will provide advice on how to clean and maintain the tile. The treatment is a 2 part process and when complete, the surface is neutral and hygienic.
The treatment creates microscopic mountains and valleys on the tile by re-arranging the existing glaze on the surface of the tile.
The chemical process creates the mountains and valleys and allows for water displacement and prevents hydroplaning. Tiny cup holes occur on the surface and these act like suction cups when treading on the tile. The result will be a surface that displaces water, maximises traction and has a minute vacuum.
(Basically the same principle as a good car tyre). Please bear in mind that there will be a change in the gloss level of the tile and a slight colour change.
(The colour change is more prominent on dark tiles than light tiles).
It is impossible to change the physical characteristics of the surface of the tiles without changing the aesthetic characteristics.
The tile may become slightly more difficult to clean after treatment but can be overcome by cleaning with Easy Clean solution and a soft broom which will keep pores open and anti-slip properties intact.